Injuries often impact the whole family. Daily tasks, seldom thought twice about before an injury, can become a challenge that may last a lifetime. Mr. Mayer understands this, having been wheelchair bound for two months after a bike accident. Recovering from serious injuries is a vexing ordeal, but it can be done, with support and love from those around you. A loved one who has been injured needs that support from the entire family, without other distractions. At Mayer Law Practice, we handle the other stuff so that you can keep your attention where it needs to be.

At Mayer Law Practice, we strive to make insurance companies or corporations compensate you as fully as money will allow for injuries suffered by you or a loved one. Mr. Mayer’s approach is to find the facts that tell your side of the story. In all too many instances, corporations illegally alter their records to cover up the facts. It is important to conduct an independent investigation to find out exactly what they did wrong, and to find the evidence to prove it.
Each case is unique and must be thoroughly investigated.
Mr. Mayer will provide you with a free consultation and describe how he would handle your particular case. Mayer Law Practice accepts most kinds of injury cases, including:

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