Family Law

Charleston Family Law Attorney | Aaron Mayer

Sometimes life does not work out as hoped and planned. People change, and arrangements can be changed too. We help people obtain divorces and get their fair share of marital property. Separation and divorce are life-altering and emotionally charged. Once authorized by a client, we take the necessary legal action to protect our clients assets and legal rights, but most importantly, to protect our clients themselves. Be sure to ask us about having the other party pay for your attorney fees.

Oftentimes, two people are in agreement that a marriage is over and just need help filing the paperwork properly. Call us for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. After a divorce, many people also want to update their wills and estate plans.

Our family law attorney takes all of these facets into consideration. Many situations arise when one person needs to be legally linked together with another in the absence of a marriage. For instance, adoption agencies screen prospective parents and often require that certain legal relationships are established between the adoptive parent or parents.

Similarly, many hospitals will not let a “friend” in to visit a patient even though the two live together and are each other’s’ primary “emergency contacts.” For those with the foresight to plan, there are inexpensive legal solutions for such contingencies. Contact us for a free consultation or click the links below to learn more about the specific areas of family law we handle:


Child Support
Asset Division