Being accused is a frustrating situation. Accusations can become part of one’s permanent record if they are not properly dealt with. Even untrue accusations can diminish a person’s confidence and sense of self-worth. Often, when accused of criminal charges, the best defense is a strong offense. The Mayer Law Practice’s approach is to attack those accusations through an independent investigation. One objective of this investigation is to find evidence that supports our client’s case. That is the first way we will seek to insulate you as much as possible, by aggressively investigating the facts and the prosecutor’s evidence. When your Constitutional rights are on the line, we understand.

We know that people have different objectives for the outcome of their case and we will discuss your objectives. From that point, an analysis is made to determine how best to attain your goals. Mayer Law Practice will work from several angles to try and achieve those goals: asserting the client’s U.S. Constitutional rights, and State Constitutional rights, against the prosecutor’s evidence, impugning that evidence, and cultivating separate evidence that supports the client’s case.

For clients charged with DUIs, the standard datamaster test administered by the police has weaknesses that can be argued. Blood tests are also susceptible to error. For DUIs, even a basic investigation conducted by Mayer Law Practice may lead to the discovery of important facts that help resolve the case. A more thorough investigation may uncover Constitutional violations that may exist in the prosecution’s case.

The Mayer Law Practice approach is founded on an understanding that every case is different.

Mr. Mayer has experience defending a variety of criminal charges, including: armed robbery, murder, attempted murder, burglary, drug trafficking, drug distribution, drug possession, domestic violence and various weapons charges. No matter the charge, Mayer Law Practice will provide you with a free consultation, which will include an assessment of what is required to attain your goals.

If your medical license or other professional license is under attack, there are several steps that can be taken to keep your license in good standing.

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