community oriented law

Mayer Law Practice is a Charleston-based grass roots, community oriented law firm. We believe in building relationships within communities and with our clients.  We believe that satisfying clients’ expectations is the best advertising a lawyer can get, and that’s what we strive for.  We have the experience, knowledge, and background to understand your individual needs while understanding cultural and community differences.  We are an equal opportunity law firm and pride ourselves on the fact that we represent working people, members of diverse racial and ethnic communities, and members of many different industries and social communities.  We help get clients through their obstacles while watching out for the sensitive issues that often arise.  We keep our overhead low so we can keep our prices reasonable for our clients.  We believe in providing high quality legal representation at a reasonable rate.

We are a general practice with an emphasis on Personal Injuries, Civil Actions, Immigration, Criminal Cases, Estate Planning, and Family Law. However, we can consult on any case and we have built relationships with other law firms and businesses with similar ideals that we may recommend to you or with whom we may collaborate on some cases. We are licensed in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. Clients get the attorney’s cell phone number and are encouraged to call or text anytime a question arises.  We want to help you with your issue. For a free consultation, Contact Us and we’ll provide you with a free analysis of your case and how we would handle it.


aaron mayer – founder

Aaron Mayer, the founding lawyer, has always had the passion to help people in seemingly helpless situations by enforcing their rights and making sure that they receive fair treatment. Aaron’s belief in equality is central to his firm’s aggressive representation of his clients. Integrity, fairness, and lawyer standards of performance guide our practice. We are not afraid to attack the prosecutor’s case and evidence, attain independent investigations, or file a claim against a national corporation. Aaron is licensed to practice law in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida.